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3 Wonderful Recycled Halloween Decorations

Halloween is all about fun, parties, costumes and decorations. When it comes to homemade decorations, it is feasible to make Halloween decorations from old items you have lying around the home. Those recycled Halloween decorations are fun for the entire family and bring the fright back to Halloween.

How to Make a Halloween Snowglobe

A Halloween Snowglobe can be made from a used glass jar, plastic bugs and small stones, false small gems or beach glass. To make this Halloween decoration, simply fill the jar with Karo syrup and add the small stones, beach glass or false small gems and plastic bugs in the jar. Seal the top of the jar in place with some silicone caulking in order to not have the liquid escape from the container. Once the caulk has dried and the top of the container is safe, the Halloween Snowglobe will be slimy and scary for all those who wish to shake it up.

How to Make a Halloween Spider

An egg carton is some other simple source for recycled Halloween decorations. You can produce a spider out of an egg section. Simply cut out the egg section and paint black. For the legs, make 4 small holes on two lateral faces of the cups, insert pipe cleaners in each hole and attach to the egg cup with glue. Two white points will represent the eyes. After punching a hole in the center of the egg cup, fishing line can be used to hang the recycled Halloween decorations everywhere in the house. If these ornaments are the be hung outside, it is essential to spray the whole spider with a waterproof clear spray paint.

How to Make a Halloween Bat

You can as well make a bat out of an egg carton. Alternatively to utilizing simply one egg cup, this bat requires 3 cups in a row. The two external cups need to be cut down to look like the wings of the bat. Paint and ornament the cups so that they appear like a bat and hang up using fishing line.

Crafting recycled Halloween decorations is a budget friendly way to celebrate this frightening holiday. Numerous ornaments can be made from used decorations. Extra simple recycled Halloween decorations involve lit pumpkins, lights, tree decorations. Children can produce all of these ornaments with the help of an adult.

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Now that you’ve got several Halloween homemade scary decorations, it’s time to prepare your Halloween party. And if you want help on doing this, come visit My Happy Halloween and discover our list of Halloween decoration ideas.

Finding Novelty Buttons

Have you ever tried to find replacement buttons? Have you ever looked for novelty buttons for your sewing and craft creations? There are what seems to be thousands of websites offering “novelty buttons”. Problem is, you have to click on all of them to find out if they are for sewing and crafts; web or application design; or the sort of novelty buttons with pictures for campaigns. Some sites “talk” about buttons, others have “pictures” of buttons, and still other are there to “sell” you buttons.
Finding novelty buttons for sewing and crafts, because clothing buttons are particularly important when you need a replacement button or when you want something special to make a fashion statement. So important in fact that many fashion designers will look for buttons before they choose their fabrics. Why is that? Because buttons help us to accessorize our clothing and our clothing is an important form of our self expression.
It is so important for novelty sewing buttons have to be just the right color, shape, and size or they will detract from our garments. With such a variety, searching websites that offer novelty sewing buttons can be tedious which makes it important to ask the right questions when searching for those novelty buttons. When using a search engine, great words to include are ‘novelty’, ‘buttons’, ‘hand crafted’, ‘hand made’ ‘polymer clay’, ‘sewing’, ‘craft’, and even ‘perfect’…or any combination of those words.
If the buttons create something magical for you, then you’ve probably found the right website. Novelty buttons should inspire you, they should call out to you, create a mood for your apparel, and say something about you as a person.
Why ‘polymer clay buttons’? Because they are easy to obtain and are a most flexible medium to if you make your own specialty buttons. There are a number of manufacturers of poly clay that can be used to fashion novelty buttons, and the consensus is that the most durable clay for buttons is Premo by Sculpey. By following the manufacturers specifications for baking and using a thickness of about 3/16″, Premo will yield a very durable button. Premo comes in a wide variety of colors and since clay can be mixed, you can also create the perfect color match for your projects.
Clay buttons are great when it comes to the shape because you actually have all the flexibility you can imagine. Buttons can be shaped by hand, giving you a real ‘home made’ look and uniqueness or you can use mini cookie cutters to that add uniformity to your buttons.
You can try stacking different sized buttons which will add variety and physical depth to your projects if the buttons are different sizes, shapes and colors.
Use novelty sewing buttons to personalize and dramatize both ready-made and personally designed garments, they can speak volumes when projecting your image.

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Alison Torres is a polymer clay artist who specializes in polymer clay novelty sewing buttons for sewing and craft projects.

How to Make Realistic Trees

Step by step tutorial to make realistic looking trees for your dollhouses and model railroad dioramas.

Building lifelike dioramas around your dollhouse or model railroad is nearly as important as the actual dollhouse or railroad itself. Realistic features can make all the difference in a completed and coherent look.

One of the easiest elements to add to most any diorama is trees. The thing is, most pre made trees are really artificial looking. They are plastic and often too vibrantly colored as to look life like.

After years of using the mass produced trees- which are often not cheap by the way, I decided to try to figure out how to make them myself. It took a lot of trial and error, but I can say with confidence that my trees are far superior to any of the plastic ones I used to buy.

Here is a step by step tutorial to make realistic looking trees that I hope will help you.

1. Observe trees in nature. The mass produced trees usually have brown trunks, but if you look closely at real live trees, the bark is more of a grey color. There can be areas of black and even green, where moss grows- particularly in shady spots.

2. First, use parts of actual trees. If you are lucky enough, you don’t need to go further than your own back yard. If you don’t have your own trees, visit a local nursery and see if they have any dead shrubs or tree branches you can use. Don’t go and pick branches off trees in the forest.

3. Find a relatively straight branch that has a network of smaller branches coming off it. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect tree. Trees in nature are full of bends, twists and breaks. But because you are working with a diorama model, you need to choose a branch that is relatively straight and somewhat balanced. This will help ensure that it won’t tip or break once it is anchored to the ground.

4. Collect dried leaves, such as maple, oak or birch. I like to grind my leaves in the coffee grinder until it’s very fine, but not quite dust.

5. Spray the outer branches with glue and then roll in your ground leaves.

6. Allow to dry completely. Invert the tree and sprinkle the ground leaves onto the base of dried glue and leaves.

7. If you want you can repeat this process as many times as you like, until you get the desired fullness on your tree.

8. Once dried, you can leave the tree as is, or you can lightly paint some of the leaf clumps with a of green acrylic paint.

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Easy Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for some unique gift this father’s day? Are you planning to buy some gift item? Give it a second though because hand made gifts are more precious than the gifts you buy. Hand made gifts will show your love and affection for your father. Here are a few ideas for easy crafts for kids. Try them out.

Foam Photo Frame:

Nothing can be more touching than that of beautiful photo frame with a family photograph.

Ingredients Needed:

* Sheet of Card

* Craft Foam

* Foam Stickers

* Photo

* Ribbon

* Glue

Cut the craft foam in rectangle. It should be a bit bigger than your photo. Now fold the foam in half and cut out a rectangle from the middle to make a frame. Decorate the frame with foam stickers. Glue the photo on the sheet of card and cut it according to the size of the frame. Glue it to the back of the frame. Fix a ribbon to the top of the frame.

Shirt and Tie Card:

Shirt and Tie Card is one of the very simple crafts that you can make easily in no time.

Ingredients Needed:

* Blank Card

* Bright Colored Card

* Scrap of Colored Papers

* Glue

* Scissors

Open the blank card and cut a slit in the middle of the left fold. The slit should be about 1 inch long. Fold the two divided top edges from center to top corners. Fold them in a diagonal way to make the collar. Now cut a tie shape from the bright colored card. Decorate the cut piece with scraps of colored paper. Glue the tie in the center of the card. Your Shirt and Tie Card is ready.

Loose Change Tray:

Does your dad loose keys and other small things often? Loose Change Tray can make an ideal gift for him.

Ingredients Needed:

* A polystyrene tray

* A crylic paints

The best thing about this craft is that there are no hard and fast directions to limit your imagination. Paint the tray the way you wish and your loose change tray is ready.

Golf Trolley Pen Pot:

Does your father like pens? What about making a pen pot for him?

Ingredients Needed:

* A toilet roll tube

* Felt or foam

* Paint

* Black buttons

* Letter stickers

* Chenille stem

* Glue

Paint the tube and let it dry. Cut the chenille stem in half bend to give it the shape of a handle. Glue it to the inside of the roll tube. At the bottom of the tube glue the buttons to make them look like wheels. Cut the foam or felt in rectangles. Glue them along 3 sides as pockets. Now decorate it with letter stickers. You can write DAD with the stickers.

Mug Warmer:

A Mug Warmer will be great as a hand made gift for your father. You can personalize it according to your choice.

Ingredients Needed:

* Felt

* Fabric paint

* Embellishments

* Glue

Measure the felt around a mug. Cut out a rectangle ½ inch shorter than the mug. But the rectangle should be long enough to wrap the mug. In order to fit the felt through the handle make the corners sharper. Decorate the felt with fabric paint and other embellishments. When the paint is dry, wrap the decorated felt around the mug to make the mug warmer.

These easy crafts for kids can really make great father’s day gifts.

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Ethan Johnson writes articles on various topics including easy crafts for kids, easy craft ideas and so on. For more information on easy craft ideas he recommends you to visit:

Getting The Things You Need From an Online Tool Shop Australia Has

Any homeowner aiming to do repair, maintenance, or a project is advised to prepare by studying the task beforehand and acquiring the necessary equipment and tools, that may be easily procured through any reputable online tool shop Australia can give.

One of several fundamental stuff you have to know if you own a home is how to do basic repairs, or even just minor tasks, for instance, replacing attachments such as screws. It is because at some point in time, some of the portions of your own home will become damaged and will eventually require repair and upkeep. You don’t even have to master the more advanced techniques of repair; you just have to learn the basic ones. As soon as you do get around to learning, what you will learn you’ll require with pretty much any sort of home repair and maintenance are tools. One effective way to finding these said tools is by a respectable online tool shop Australia has, which may offer you a fine collection of equipment and tools that you will need should you undertake any kind of repair or home project.

First of all, woodworking tools Australia specialists advise that it’s critical that before you can undertake any repair or home project, you absolutely need the right tools and equipment ready to get the job done. You should already have this equipment with you, and not go about procuring them while you are in the middle of doing your task. Before performing a task in the home, woodworking tools Australia professionals strongly urge home project and repair enthusiasts to buy and lay out their tools before they begin any task available.

How will you go about organizing? Simple, that is by carefully studying what you wish to do and creating a short list of what you require from an online tool shop Australia can provide. To illustrate, if you wanted to replace the door of your cabinet, then you would need to find the right material you’d want to replace the door with, it’s exact measurements, the knobs you are going to need to attach it to your cabinet, the woodworking tools Australia hardware specialists can supply that you’d need, as well as the same colour of paint you want to paint it with.

For all these items, there is a place you can go to, and it is not even an actual, physical place. For all your home repair, maintenance, and woodworking needs, all you need to do is go to an established shop that sells equipment as well as other woodworking tools Australia has. A reputable online tool shop Australia has can provide you all the kinds of equipment and tools you will need for almost any sort of task imaginable. Not only can you obtain equipment and other woodworking tools Australia shops have, but you can also get in-depth instructional books containing a large number of topics on virtually any sort of home repair or project.

Now though, getting this equipment is as easy as logging onto the website of any reputable online tool shop Australia has. This idea of being able to buy tools online Australia is a relatively recent concept that started along with the coming of the internet. The internet has made it possible for us to be able to do our shopping online, without having to physically go to an actual store. This works well for any individual working on a project, as he does not have to leave his home or the project site just to get the materials and equipment he needs.

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The author is a specialist with vast experience on everything from house construction to design, and wants individuals to be aware that they can now buy tools online Australia from a reputable online tool shop Australia has.

How to Make Travertine Textured Concrete Stone or Tile for Pennies

There are a couple of casting techniques that can be used to achieve the aged look of Travertine from concrete molds at a cost of pennies. The cast stone texture can either be the natural rough finish, or the smooth cut finish of polished Travertine. The basic techniques for casting them are the same, but are enhanced during the finishing and installation process. Simply put, one is left rough with the holes and voids left unfilled. The other involves grouting the stone and filling some or all of the holes and voids during or after installation. The following baking soda and rock salt techniques can be used individually or together depending on the results desired. Be sure to dust in (sprinkle) your contrasting colors into the mold before filling it with your base-colored concrete. Color dusting is covered in other articles on the subject of coloring.

What is Natural Travertine Stone?
Travertine is a dense, closely compacted form of limestone found mostly in banded layers. Most Travertine is white or cream colored, though there are also browns and peach colors. The word Travertine comes from an old roman name for Tivoli, a town in Italy where there are large deposits of this material. While natural Travertine is used more for wall and floor tile, it works well in any room of the house, especially living areas, bathrooms and kitchens. One benefit of the cast concrete Travertine is that it can also be used for exterior applications like patios and walks. For protection of either, a sealer is recommended. It should especially be used on counter tops to prevent deep stains.

What is Cast Concrete Travertine Stone?
The main technique for creating the texture of Travertine in concrete is the use of a mold that offers some of these voids, cuts, worm holes, etc., integrated within the mold. Then to enhance that texture, you use a medium like baking soda and/or rock salt, and a finishing technique that enhances the static design in the mold. One of the main benefits of this method is that each stone made is totally unique— just as with real stone. The variations and voids in the surface of real Travertine are created over millions of years by the compressed bones, shells and the skeletons of sea creatures. In cast concrete Travertine— it is created using Travertine base-design concrete molds, baking soda and rock salt.

Two Techniques Using Baking Soda in Casting Concrete Travertine Stone:
When used dry baking soda distorts the surface of the concrete similar to that of limestone or soapstone. When you add moisture to the baking soda, you create a paste-like consistency. This paste will introduce voids and pits replicating the look of Travertine. You can combine both the dry and wet methods for stunning effects. The mold release will normally hold the baking soda in place. When using baking soda on the face of molds, where you will be pouring concrete in over it, a little care should be exercised to keep it in place. The same holds true for rock salt.

Depending on how heavy-handed one gets with the baking soda clumps, the effect can be made to resemble anything from light weathering to heavily worn and deeply pitted Travertine surfaces. One technique is to pour out a small pile, then mist it lightly with water. If you use the baking soda dampened, you can toss fairly large amounts into areas of the mold where it will stick for a very deeply pitted effect. A combination of the two methods results in a most pleasing natural Travertine textured finish. When tan and yellow colors are added to the concrete using a marbleizing technique, and/or concrete stains are employed on the completed stone, it is very difficult to imagine that the stone is not real travertine.

Two Techniques Using Rock Salt to Cast Concrete Travertine Stone:
There is the “surface” application and a “mold face” application of the rock salt technique. Each is for a different type of installation, but both give similar results. One of the main benefits of both types of treatments is that it increases the slip-coefficient of the concrete—making it less slippery. A concrete “surface” salt treatment in the construction industry is typically done on flat surfaces such as sidewalks, poured patios, pool decks, etc. The concrete is placed, screed off, then floated. Then the rock salt is hand cast onto the surface, and then troweled down into the wet concrete so it lays just at the surface. Once the concrete has dry, the salt is dissolved by water and washed away leaving a holes and voids.

The mold face application is when the rock salt is placed on the oiled, (with mold release), face of the concrete mold. The producer then carefully shovels the concrete mix over the rock salt taking care to move the salt as little as possible. Once the salt-covering layer of concrete is in the mold, the mold is filled to the thickness desired and vibrated lightly. There is no concern for bug holes, as they would only enhance the look of the Travertine in this case. Be sure to sprinkle, or dust, your contrasting colors now.

One final thought when you’re casting concrete to represent something like Travertine— you may want to think about the base color of the concrete. Gray cement with plain sand and gray aggregate may produce less than desirable results for very light colors. Using white Portland cement or a mix of white and gray Portland cement when using yellow or brown (when you want to get a tan color) concrete colorant may give you something closer to what you’re looking for— a natural looking Travertine stone finish.

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Olde World Stone and Tile was founded in 1992 by John Panagos to design, manufacture and market molds and his manufacturing system worldwide. Olde World is now a recognized authority in the DIY stone and tile molds industry. John has written training manuals and dozens of industry articles over the years. For photos, DIY project ideas and instructions as well as information, visit or email John at

How An Old Fashioned And Little Recognized Craft With Herbs Can Help Ease Pain!…

Most of us have tried canvas art at one time or another, to create abstract paintings. On the whole people like to experiment occasionally, so why not expand into some other style of craft?

In my prior articles, we established that we can use herbs for a variety of things, including to benefit your wellbeing. One capital idea which I can recommend, is using herbs to make wheat bags.

As an example, these bags, in fact, are used here the same way as you would draw on a hot water bottle. So, they are excellent for using to alleviate sore or painful joints, or muscles. To accomplish this you will want a quantity of dried out herbs together with rosemary, the bag itself, which you will have to assemble according to the size necessary, and, obviously, a quantity of wheat grains.

To be successful it is better to use a very fine cotton, cambric, or calico to make up the bag, as this has to withstand the heat of the stove or microwave. At the outset you will want to stitch up three sides of the bag. Next take your assorted herbs and wheat grains and stuff them into the bag, leaving about an inch at the top.

The next part should be to stitch up the very last side. I feel it is better to affix a piece of cord, or even a shoelace would be adequate, to gather around the top and make a knot and maybe a little bow to fasten it. Members of my household found this quite helpful for lessening the agony they suffered from having whiplash.

Any person who has, indeed, suffered with this, will be aware of how troublesome and distressing this can truly be and any benefit you can find would be a blessing. These bagsshould be heated up in the oven or microwave to start with, before you can apply them.

If you are using a standard oven it will evidently take a little longer, although if you possess a microwave it would maybe take about five minutes when all’s said and done. Though, you will want to roll the bag over in this period. It follows that, as soon as it is nice and warm, you can lay it on the back of your neckline and after a long wait get some solace from this!

We all suffer aches and pains at various times as a consequence I now and then find it rather hard to believe that people haven’t tried this treatment. So many people are crippled with back pain and lose so much time off work.

Others suffer with blinding headaches as well as migraines for days on end in a darkened room. Whilst women can endure agonies at their time of the month with period pains and for the most part stomach cramps.

For that reason you can grasp that these bags achieve a purpose in addition to being fragrant. As a result, if you have not tried one of these, you don’t realize what you are missing! Now is the point in time!

From abstract paintings through to canvas art, most styles of art are on display and for sale directly from the artists at the authors interactive online art community. Expert Anna Meenaghan even offers more “How To” articles on art & crafts at her site for the budding new artist and art enthusiast alike.

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Originally I hail from the midlands shoe factory town of Northampton.
One way or another my life has always revolved around art in different forms. Whilst living in London I enrolled at St. Martins college of art and studied fashion drawing and dress design…


Have you ever considered taking up woodworking? It is a great hobby that can save you spending money on cheap mass produced furniture that can easily fall to bits after a few years of use. Handmade pieces however, will outlast you and your children and will become something for the family to treasure for generations to come. If you are looking for a hobby or pastime to keep you busy after retirement or on your weekends, woodworking can be very rewarding. Before deciding to start a project you need to set yourself up a workshop that is uncluttered and a safe working environment.

The first thing you will need to start a woodwork project is a detailed woodworking plan to work from. A plan is really important not only for woodworking but for any other project you decide to take up. Next you will need to ensure that you have the correct woodworking tools to complete the job. Do not rush out and buy every woodworking tool on the market, just in case you might need it later on. It takes time to collect woodworking tools and each woodworking plan that you use will list the necessary woodworking tools for that project. Just buy the tools you need for the job at hand and in no time you will have a collection of woodworking tools and you will develop enough working knowledge to make full use of those tools.

There are woodworking plans available on the market to suit all different woodworking skill levels. There are plans for outdoor furniture, children’s toys, storage units, barn doors, coffee tables, computer desks, modular kitchens and much more.The sky is the limit; it is not until you have looked through all the available woodworking plans that you will realize the massive scope out there, just waiting for the enthusiastic person with a passion for DIY to find.

Woodworking plans specify the necessary skill level for each project, so start with the easier ones and move onto harder ones after you have developed some of the basic skills and purchased the tools needed for more complicated projects. To start with you will need to have the basic woodworking tools at your disposal. This includes items like a good claw hammer, a hand saw, a layout square for marking angles, a retractable tape measure, a utility knife, a set of wood chisels, a spirit-level, a sliding bevel for repeated angle cuts and a nail set which is used to counter sink nail heads so they do not catch on the sander. A small block plane for cleaning up edges is also an essential woodworking tool that you will need to purchase. Notice that there is no mention of electrical power tools at this point in time.

Woodworking has been a master craft for centuries before electricity was invented and although power tools can be great time savers they are no essential and it is best to learn to use hand woodworking tools before you move on to electric power tools.

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How to choose a pocket knife

The knife should cut. Sometimes the blade is convenient to anything pierce otkovyryat. The knife should not: cut, cut, work with a poker and a jack – it’s not his area of application. Accordingly, from pocket knives, we expect good cutting properties, strength.
At what expense cuts knife? Without going into details of Metal, I would say that due to its geometry. Not at the expense of sharpness and a good steel, but due to the form of a blade, the angle of sharpening and other features that ensure easy penetration and destruction of the material being cut. Accordingly, the geometry of the blade – it’s the first thing that should draw the attention of consumers. The thinner the knife, the better it cuts ceteris paribus.
Knife blades are made of different materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel (an alloy of iron and carbon) can be very sharp, well keep grinding and easily sharpened, but is subject to rust and chipping. Stainless steel – an alloy of iron, chromium, possibly nickel, and molybdenum, with a small addition of carbon. It does not give such a good sharpening as carbon steel, but highly resistant to corrosion. High-carbon steel – it is stainless steel with high carbon content, combining the best properties of carbon steel and stainless steel. High-carbon steel does not rust, it does not appear on the spot, and it retains a good sharpening. Laminated blades are made of several metals, combined in a layered sandwich, combining the properties of all components. For example, hard and more brittle steel may be surrounded by a soft and resilient stainless steel, which lowers vulnerability to corrosion. However, in this case, the part most prone to corrosion – cutting edge – remains vulnerable. Pattern welding is similar to the laminate. Layers of various types of steel are welded together, while in the process of manufacture appear on the blade patterns. Titanium – a metal lighter, more stable and more flexible than steel. Despite the lower stiffness and the inability of strong sharpening, carbide of titanium alloys make it possible to subject the alloy heat treated to impart sufficient hardness. Ceramic blades are extremely rigid and lightweight, so hard that they can keep sharpening pocket knife for months and even years. They are resistant to corrosion, but can only be sharpened with sandpaper with silicon carbide and some grindstone. Plastic blades are not very sharp, usually toothed and are usually considered disposable.

The next thing that does work with a pocket knife easy and enjoyable – it’s hilt. Here everyone chooses for themselves, their needs and their hands. A knife can not choose the picture or just looking in the window – it is necessary to hold the knife in hand, to try what will work with it in warm gloves, if it is not a kitchen knife. It is important that the handle did not have sharp corners and numerous seizures, they may naminat hand at work. Decorated handle gift knives are often uncomfortable because of the abundance of protrusions, as well as circular in cross section of handle, because of which a knife can be rotated in the hand.

In the folding knife blade connects to the hilt through the axis, allowing the blade folded into the handle. To prevent the infliction of wounds holder of the knife due to its folding in the hands, folding knife, usually equipped with a locking mechanism. Various locking mechanisms are popular in different individuals for reasons such as reliability of the castle, legality, and ease of use.
When choosing a pocket knife should definitely consider how and where you wear it. Incoherent should be comfortable sheath securely holds the knife – there’s nothing worse than losing a beloved sword. Folding the purchase is worth trying in your pocket, hang on a belt, try to remove it quickly to get it – check out how comfortable the knife is not only used but also to wear. By all accounts, the thick heavy folding knives with prominent parts in the pocket is not comfortable to wear. Now, most folding knives make easy, relatively “flat” and a special clip that allows to attach a knife on a belt or pocket. Treat this springy parts disbelief: to wear a knife on unreliable “pegs” is the easiest way to lose it. The clip should not be too thick, tough or too soft, otherwise it will not hold the knife, or, conversely, will keep him too much.

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Green Crafts-Recycle a Plastic CD Tub to Fashion a Practical and Perfect Storage Container for Free

Do you or anyone you know, such as your kids, spouse, or co-workers, buy packages of blank CDs to record on to? If so, do not let them throw out the plastic and lockable CD tub they come in before you have a chance to show them and yourself what can be done to make a practical storage container for the garage, craft workstation, or many other purposes.

Like most people who buy packages of CDs for recording or backing up computer data, for years I too have been throwing out the cylindrical tub that they come in, in my case to the recycling bin outside. I figured that as long as the tub was ending up recycled again in to something useful, that would be good enough. Then it dawned on me like that proverbial light bulb going off overhead. Why not make use of the CD tub as a storage container that is not only pretty durable, but is self locking when you put the top back on?

This idea took root as I was reminiscing about the way my dad would take empty glass jars with lids and make practical and perfect storage containers in his garage by screwing the top of the jar to the underside of a shelf, and then simply spin the glass jar full of screws, washers, or any other small garage item on to the attached lid.

We are working with the same principal when it comes to the CD storage container by flipping it upside down to make storage use of what normally is the larger clear top portion. By using a couple of small screws to easily pierce and attach the flatter portion to the underside of a shelf, we have a perfect storage container. You can easily label the clear portion of the tub, but it really is unnecessary since you can perfectly see the contents. What makes this CD tub better as a storage container versus a glass jar, is that the opening is much wider. You will not have to struggle getting your fingers in to the jar to retrieve what you need, or dump the contents out to do the same.

Whether or not you attach your storage container to the bottom of a shelf, think about some of the items you can store:

•Craft fasteners
•Paper clips
•Rubber bands

The list can go on and on. It is frugal, practical, and it makes perfect sense. Use it in the garage, a craft workstation, an office, or any other place where you can find a need.

Happing recycling!

About the Author

Linda Johnson is a degreed and experienced crafter and interior decorating specialist, with years of experience helping friends, family, and clients solve their decorating and craft needs. Linda and her contributing editors invite you to submit your own great ideas for free, and also find tons more green craft ideas and decorating projects like this with photos to try yourself.