Recycling Cardboard Boxes Easily and Attractively

One of the easiest items to be recycled is cardboard boxes. With a little touch of creativity, they could be changed into a lot of attractive and beautiful crafts. Obviously, there are a lot of ideas in recycling your boxes into more attractive and beautiful crafts. You can get some of those creative ideas to recycle your boxes. Therefore, there will be no piling empty boxes in your garage, basement, or attic.

Before deciding on a certain idea, you should dismantle your boxes first. To save more space, you can keep them lay down in flat position. Organizing boxes in flat positions also allows you to estimate the amount of cardboard that you have to be recycled. Then, you can go on to plan your recycling projects. Make proper sketches and try to estimate the required dimension to make the craft. Prepare all the supporting supplies such as craft knife, cutter, glue, ruler, art paper, and decorative ornaments that you are going to use.

Now you are ready to recycle your cardboard into attractive crafts. Art frame could be the first option to be taken. Cardboard panel has flat and rigid surface so you can have easiness in working on it. Besides, you just need to do some simple steps to change your cardboard into a beautiful art frame.

You can also change your box into a customized trash bin. You can design your trash bin in your customized as well as personalized design. Therefore, you can really match it with the décor of your room. To make proper size and shape, you just need to the cardboard panels and tape them. Then you just need to decorate the outer part of the box with any ornaments that you have prepared. You can stick the ornament with glue or double-sided tape.

You can also arrange your boxes to be a mini-shelf. Simply glue the cardboard into boards and panels form. Then, you can cut them and arrange them into a mini shelving unit. You can use the shelves to hold any lightweight containers such as containers of spices, herbs, or tea bag.

There will be many other creative ideas to recycle your boxes into more attractive and more useful items. Just take advantages of your creativity and see how attractive your boxes will be.

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